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23FEB2021 - System still has some bugs

Good evening!

Outwardly my hydroponics system has been looking perfect! But under the lid, I'm still finding those little white bugs on the water. Some growers think they're harmless. Some sterilize the entire system to try to get rid of them. I'm contemplating my next move and topping up the tank until then. No growths on the marigolds yet, but I have a couple of tomatoes that are filling out pretty rapidly! I was taking pictures of one specific tomato, but its growth seems to have stalled. So I have moved my camera to watch the two beautiful baby tomatoes you see above!!!

Today my pH was 4.7 and my ppm was 1512, which is pretty close to optimal. But my water level was very low. In some ways that's a good sign, because it means my plants are taking up a lot of water! I added:

2 Gallons of water

10mL Hygrozyme

14mL Tiger Bloom

14mL CalMag

10mL pH Upper

and 0.25mL Rapid Start

Hopefully, we'll have a breakthrough soon and get rid of those bugs for good! Let me know what ideas you have!

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