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20FEB2021 - Tomato Update

Today my tomato plants are looking spectacular. The leaves are no longer curling, and are not showing signs of wilt. The baby tomatoes are still small, but hopefully soon I will construct a video of their growing process. I am taking regular pictures of one tomato bunch, and I look forward to showing their growth when it is completed. My roots are looking white and healthy, but I'm still not seeing fine root hairs. With any luck that will change soon. I only counted 2 or 3 little white bugs, so hopefully I have that under control.

When tested, my pH was 4.5 and my ppm was 1250.

The pH is outside of the 5-6 range I'm looking for so I added 7mL of pH upper. I want to keep my nutrients just over 1300, so I added 5 mL of Tiger Bloom and 2 mL of CalMag.

In other news, Suspicion the apple tree is measuring in at 7 feet tall, and in another foot I'll be pruning him down! I'm hoping to replant his top and have a second apple tree. I can't wait to update you on that!

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